Macro B Complex® – What is it Really?

As you likely know, BREVENA’s line of skin care products all feature an ingredient called Macro β Complex, but have you ever wondered what it is exactly? I’m here to explain the science behind this transformative technology. In order to explain the science, we have to...

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Time For A Little Love

Personally, I think that February comes at the perfect time of year!  Let’s be honest, January is a tough month!  We are all recovering from energy depletion following travel, family time, and just plain cold weather which leaves us feeling a little blah.  Then comes...

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An Esthetician’s Predictions on 2019 Skin Care Trends

The skincare landscape changes rapidly, so it’s no wonder that predictions for upcoming trends are highly sought after.  We sat down with Advanced Practice Esthetician and Skin Health Consultant, Susannah Courteau, to inquire about her predictions for 2019 Skin Care...

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Taking Your Skin Care from Summer to Fall

Taking Your Skin Care from Summer to Fall Fall is a time for transitions, kids are back in school, you might be swapping out your summer wardrobe, and your skin care should be no exception. Swap out your sandals for your favorite tried and true booties, switch your...

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Eczema Relief

If you are one of the over 30 million Americans who suffer from Eczema, BREVENA’s Restorative Skin Balm can help you manage your dry, irritated skin. There are multiple different types of Eczema and they all cause the skin to itch and become flaky, sometimes leaving...

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