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BREVENA is the only skin care line to purify oat beta glucan into Macro β Complex®. For over 20 years, this technology has been trusted in hospitals around the world, and is even used daily by doctors and nurses to nourish their own skin. More than a moisturizer, BREVENA was built on the science of how skin works. All our products contain Macro B Complex which is unmatched by any other ingredient in the skin care industry. This powerful ingredient effortlessly repairs dry, rough, aging and environmentally damaged skin through a cellular friendly, rejuvenation process leaving your skin soft and healthy. Perfect to protect and nourish all skin types for optimum skin health and wellness.

Trusted, endorsed, and requested by doctors, nurses and medical professionals who specialize in skin health, BREVENA has revolutionized the skin care industry by infusing Macro B Complex into all its luxury skin care products. Shop Now…

Macro B Complex

Macro B Complex is a cellular friendly ingredient that is unmatched by any other product in the beauty industry. It provides the essential moisture and protection necessary to repair aging and environmentally damaged skin and maintain optimum skin health and hydration. Learn More…

Real customers, real testimonials

Real customers, real testimonials, real results. See why everyone is raving about BREVENA and how it makes them feel. Hear More…


Could a botanical element used to treat burns and wounds help hydrate, nourish and revitalize dry, sensitive and aging skin? Barbara Klein thought so. As a leader in the medical skin care industry, Barbara Klein brings over 35 years of knowledge and experience to BREVENA. Working with a talented team of researchers, Ms. Klein discovered that the application of Macro B Complex technology had a profound effect on patients with acutely burned or wounded skin by optimizing healing and cosmetic outcomes. Read The BREVENA Story Here…