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I want to personally welcome you to our BREVENA skin care line. I encourage you to experience for yourself, what our customers and countless medical professionals already appreciate, the beneficial hydrating effects of our Macro B Complex technology.

From the beginning, our mission has been to develop and produce a superior product, utilizing the finest ingredients, in an effort to bring skin to its healthiest state. Our passion for healing was born in the burn units. With the encouragement of our medical industry supporters and through our new company, BREVENA, we are proud to share with you the same Macro B Complex technology we perfected for a very specialized medical market as Stellen Medical, over two decades ago.

With BREVENA, you are treating yourself to a quality product, backed by years of scientific research and development, with proven results. Our products are designed for all skin types to achieve optimum health, through maximum hydration.  At BREVENA, we believe healthy skin is ageless and we know you will personally enjoy all of the benefits our hydrating products will bring to your skin. Our legacy heals burns, imagine what we can do for your skin.


Founder and President

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